5 Things To Do Before You Start A Blog

Are you willing to start a blog? If yes, then I guess you landed in the right place. Here are the top 5 things to do before you start a blog.

#1 Define your Goals

Not just in the case of Blog but Whatever you are willing to start new, you should consider taking a min and define your goal. It is vital to keep you motivated throughout the journey and push you enough to keep you going. At some point, we get demotivated and put a full stop to our work and its human nature.

So, prioritize your goal. Moreover, you should prefer setting a smart goal in place of just the so-called “any goal”.

Just at this moment, I remember an acronym of SMART, I have read somewhere but I can’t recall. But that is not much important. Just get the acronym here.

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SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

So, what do you understand from the above content? Yeah, you got it right.

When you set a smart goal you are going to achieve it more likely. Still in a confusion? Let’s give you an example.

Let’s say, your tool 2 goals: “start a money-making successful blog” and “reach 12k pageviews in 6 months”.

Lets me now break it for you.

Ask yourself, is the goal “start a money-making successful blog” specific?

The answer is no. Is it measurable?

Again the answer is No.

Is it achievable?

Ummm, maybe.

Now ask, what does “money-making successful” mean? Is it realistic?

Hard to define, right?

What about the Time-bound?

Obviously, there is no time-bound.

Now, consider the 2nd goal.

Is it specific? Is it clear? Is it measurable?

The answer is yes, with 12k pageviews and 6 months.

Is it achievable and realistic?

Yes with a time-bound of 6 months.

I hope you got my point now, Right? It is necessary to take every aspect into account in reaching your defined goals to turn them into reality. It will give you the exact achievable goal and your hard work in achieving it.

#2 Have a plan

Above all take a white piece of paper and write each goal on that paper. What you will need to reach there and what exactly do you need to do to achieve it.

Make a step-by-step point on how you are going to reach it.

For better results, break each of your sub-goals into further smaller parts, which will in fact make it much easier to achieve it.

#3 Define your Target Audience

Get yourself clear first.

You are writing your blog for whom? Whom do you want your blog readers to be? and What interest do they inherit?

Mark them as your “ideal reader” and concentrate on them. Create valuable shareable content fr them.

Think like your readers. If you are at their place what questions and concerns are you gonna have and include them while creating your piece of content.

This will help you create a piece of content that will solve problems your readers have by providing an answer that they lack.

You have to understand it, you are writing your blog now for yourself, but for others, your READERS.

Unless you are not serious about your blog and start as time pass.

But if your inner intention is to turn into a real-time successful business, you have to treat it the same way you gonna treat a serious job.

Try to focus on creating the content your readers want and not what you want for yourself.

#4 Do Some Research

Once you define your goal and note down your plan on how to reach it by setting up your target audience, it is now time to do thorough research.

So, search and find on Search engine some of the popular blogs related to your niche and their related social media. Explore the type of content they provide or post or what type of content is most trending in their blog.

Note all these points are keeping them in mind while creating your own content.

#5 Social Media

I know what you are thinking right now on reading the heading “Social Media”.

I might be thinking that I will ask you to create an account on every social media. But you are wrong. Instead, I am going to ask you to avoid your presence on every social media. It’s just a waste of time.

Rather focus on 1 or 2 social media when you are just beginning. Share your content and build a reader base only in 2 social media handles only.

In fact, If I tell you about mine, I just focused on Pinterest and What next? You are reading my Blog. Hahaha

But make sure you choose your social media wisely based on your niche and goals. For example, for a blog related to fashion, Instagram would be performing better. Whereas for a Moms blog(parenting niche), Pinterest would be great.

Likewise, if you jumped into some uncommon niches, just make a thorough research of social media which would be best suited for you.

How do I start A Blog?

Once you covered all these mentioned 5 points you are now finally ready to start your money-making dream blog.

However, if you are unsure about the process or steps, here are the full tutorials on How to start a blog. Go through this step-by-step tutorial and you will be guided through every possible step right from choosing a perfect hosting and domain and setting up your first WordPress blog.

I guess I made you clear with 5 crucial steps on starting your blog.

These are the beginning foundation of a blog that every possible blogger have to follow.

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