3 Helpful Tips to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Business

Nervousness, doubt, and uncertainty are three feelings that all entrepreneurs face when planning to start a business. And why wouldn’t they? Creating a business from scratch is a project bound to be filled with stressful challenges and uncertainty. But, as all successful entrepreneurs do, with time and effort you will overcome these and turn your business into a successful endeavor.

If the butterflies in your stomach are getting too much to handle, this article by Cognitive Blogger is here to help you with some useful tips.

Build Up Self-Confidence

As the leader of the business, your confidence will be key for driving it to success. One of the best ways to build confidence is to recognize areas where you feel you lack expertise and make an effort to improve. This can include:

  • Reading books written by successful entrepreneurs. As reported by Life Hack, these will provide you with insights regarding the struggles they faced and the steps taken to overcome them. Additionally, it’ll give a glimpse of what you can expect to encounter in the near future.
  • Further education will help improve your knowledge regarding key areas of your business. For instance, an MBA will help you develop better communication and project management skills, improve strategic thinking, teach effective leadership strategies, and much more.
  • Learning specialized skills will allow you to undertake key business projects independently and develop confidence in your abilities. For example, you can undertake social media certification courses that will teach you the best strategies for building a strong online presence to promote and sell your products.

Create a Business Roadmap

A prominent cause of you feeling stressed will be uncertainty regarding your business. Expect to ponder on questions such as — Will my business be successful? Will I be able to manage everything together? Do I have enough money to afford starting a business?

No entrepreneur should start their business before having clear answers to the above-mentioned questions. The answers to some of these questions will be found by creating a business plan. A business plan is a written document that includes short and long-term goals, steps to achieve those goals, and the timeline in which they’ll be achieved.

Creating a strong business plan will involve:

  • Reviewing your personal finances to ascertain whether you can bootstrap your business or the amount of external funding you’ll need.
  • Creating a business budget to allocate funds towards key areas such as research and development, marketing, manufacturing, hiring, and more.
  • Conducting market research to understand the demand for your product offering, the performance of competitors, and underserved areas you can capitalize on.
  • Finalizing details regarding the product/services you will sell, your target audience, and pricing strategy.

One determination you may face is choosing between C Corp vs S Corp tax designations. A C Corp is the default tax designation for a corporation, and the corporation will be subject to double taxation. An S Corp, on the other hand, is a pass-through entity, which means that taxation only happens at the shareholder level. Each designation has its advantages and disadvantages; If you are planning on establishing a corporation, this is a choice you’ll want to consider.

Build a Support System

As a budding entrepreneur, having a strong support system will help you mitigate stress and provide the confidence to tackle business-related issues head-on. Members of your support group can include:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Friends
  • Fellow entrepreneurs

At each step of your business, aim to involve members of your support group in the process. For instance, if you need help with managing finances, instead of hiring an expensive accountant, turn to your parents for help. Similarly, if a business issue is making you overwhelmed, pick up the phone and connect with your entrepreneur friends who can guide you through tricky situations.

Your support system can extend beyond people to your home as well. Having a healthy home environment can be a difference maker when taking on the pressures of entrepreneurship. Add some indoor plants at home, try to maximize the amount of sunlight in the house, and make sure you’re feeding yourself with nutritious meals and drinking plenty of water. You also may want to explore a meditation practice.

When it comes to hiring the best professionals for your business, there is no better route than referrals, as reported by CVViz. Not only will referrals speed up your hiring process but help you save hundreds of dollars you’d spend on advertising job postings. Hence, share your openings with everyone in your network and choose from the pool of candidates you receive.

No amount of preparation will make you ready for all challenges. Only when you jump into the deep end and face difficulties head-on will you develop resilience and excellent decision-making skills. But, remember that you do not need to face these challenges alone. Reach out to those around you for help and work towards building your business together.

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