How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

Starting a blog and turning it into a real time money making business is the best side hustle one can try to make money online without going out or losing the comfort of their home.

I started blogging when I was feeling like hopeless and don’t know what to do with my career as I was  a lazy guy and don’t wanna go out and involve myself in a 9-5 job.

Thereafter. I came across blogging and started watching entire playlist in Youtube regarding blog creation, SEO, off page SEO and started reading blogs. It took me almost 2 years to get successful in my blogging business.

That time my primary focus was towards SEO. And as you know,  SEO takes time. It took a 2 long years to realise the potential of Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.

I wanna be honest with you .So, please note that some links on this page are affiliate links. This means, I might get a commission when you make a purchase using my links at no extra cost to you.

And when its time for starting my another blog and create content for Pinterest audience only, it won’t be hard for me as I already have enough knowledge with WordPress.

But if you are newbie, you may not have that experience and might be wondering How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost.

So, let me guide you on this,

No technical knowledge required.

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How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost with 10 easy steps

  1. Reach to the Bluehost WordPress hosting page from here.
  2. Select a plan of your blog requirement
  3. Claim your FREE DOMAIN(according to your niche)
  4. Enter your account information
  5. Choose a package + package extras
  6. Add your payment information
  7. Create a password for your account
  8. Login to the Bluehost portal
  9. Choose a WordPress theme
  10. Login to WordPress and start editing your site

Still confused? Let me break it down further,

Beginners blog setup on Bluehost

Bluehost is popularly known for the beginner friendly hosting and it will hardly take you 10 mins for your new WordPress blog to get live in 10 easy steps

STEP 1: Go to Bluehost WordPress Hosting page from here.

STEP 2: Choose a hosting plan that is good to go with your budget and your blog’s requirement

If you are just starting out with your blog and are planning to host one blog only then Basic plan is more than enough for you. However, if you plan for hosting more than one blog then you can go with PLUS plan.

Apart from that if you need more resources in future you can easily upgrade it.

STEP 3: Choose your Blog’s domain name

Yeah, the best part of using Bluehost is here. You are eligible for a free domain name for your blog for 1 year. Simply, type your domain name in the “create a new domain” option and if it is available you can continue with it.

But if its not available just choose another unique domain name. Apart from that if you have a domain name already with other regustrar you can just click on “use a domain you own” and continue with it.


STEP 4: Enter the details to set up your account

In this step there is nothing much to explain. Just submit all your detail and go on.

STEP 5: Choose your package

Here just choose the desired package and move on.

STEP 6:  Get your package Extras

When this box appear in front of you. Just untick all the extra options. I personally don’t recommend it as you get them with the help of a free plugin.

STEP 7: Add Payment information

Enter your card details here and and check out by choosing all the terms of them.

STEP 8: Create your account Password

This step is crucial and so you need to have a strong password so that your blog remain safe from other unauthorized logins.

After this step it is confirmed that your blog is successfully set up with Bluehost.

STEP 9: Login to your Bluehost account

Do remember the email id you used during the Bluehost sign up process. As Bluehost will send a confirmation email to your registered email id with your website link.

Click on the link marketd above, this will take you to your login area of Bluehost. You need to type the domain name and the password which you choosed earlier.

Once done Bluehost will ask more few more details like this, “name of your site” and “your sites tagline”.

Bluehost will ask some more details like your sites goal to guide your for related plugins.

Once done, you will be moved towards “theme choosing” portal. I don’t recommend you to go with a premium theme initially as a newbie. Once you make some dollar through your blog then you can go with premium investments.

So, go with FREE Generate Press or FREE Astra theme. You know, I am using free Astra Theme in this blog as well. Isn’t it good?

After choosing a theme successfully, you can end the Bluehost portal . Now click on the wordpress button to reach your sites dashboard.

An Important thing to remember,

Whenever you wish to login to your WordPress dashboard, type in the search area of your browser. There you need to provide your admin details and password you choosed earlier. After that you will be able to login to your blog.

This is How, you can get started with Bluehost. Do let me know if you face any other challenge while progressing this blog in the comment section.


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