How to build an email list for your blog in 2022

How to build an email list for your blog

If you are going through a post on Blogging tips, there must be a phrase “you need an email list” a hundred times embedded in it and trust it’s worth it.

So, you need to build your own email list from scratch.

But I won’t bother you much about it as I am sure in your blogging business you are just sick of hearing it.

Meanwhile, it is necessary for you to be aware of creating an email list if you still haven’t already.

Followed by it, I will guide you with some actual working tips to build an effective email list. Even if you are a newbie blogger and lacks lots of traffic.

Why do you need to build an email list?

You heard bloggers are advised to build an email list but have you wondered why?

What is the actual importance of that email list? Why do you really need to build an email list?

Here are some of those important reasons:

  • Firstly and obviously you own your email list
  • it is not gonna just vanish somehow
  • it is the best and most direct means of communication with your interacting audience
  • it will maintain and build a strong sustainable relationship with your audience.
  • it will acts as your instant traffic source for your blog( because they will subscribe to your blog only if they are really interested in the value and content you provide to them)
  • There is none another effective way of affiliate marketing than an email list as it acts as a gold mine
    the control of the content lies in your hand.
This blog is supported by bloggers. So, this post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please refer to my full disclosure for further information.

As if for now, if I have successfully convinced you to get started with your personal email list building, it is now time and duty for me to guide you practically, How should you build it yourself?

This is a completely beginner-friendly guide where I will cover every step starting from choosing an email service provider to getting your first email subscriber1

How to build an email list for your Blog

“Email list building” might sound scary but in reality, it is not that complicated!

Here are 4 simple but effective steps you need to follow to build your email list.

1. Pick an Email Service provider

Choosing an email service provider is the first step you need to take while building an email list for your blog.

There exist lots of reputed email service providers in the market. Though some of them are free for ceratin limit and some come under complete pricing.

All these email service providers have varying features and offers. You need to pick that plan which fulfills your primary requirements.

But if you ask about my suggestion, I would blindly suggest you go with Mailerlite, as it is one of the best email service providers which I like personally.

I have been associated with them on my Amazon micro niche blogs, from DAY 1 and I am happy to say there doesn’t exist any problem.

Mailerlite offers various features like landing pages, popups, embedded forms and is the perfect email marketing tool for bloggers, especially with an easy-to-use.

Above all, an advanced feature that I like personally about them is email automation. It offers you the feature to create workflows that can be triggered by different actions like clicking links or even joining a group.

But what’s best about them for new bloggers? I guess you might be wondering, right?

Let me tell you, MailerLite comes totally FREE for the new bloggers with up to the first 1000 subscribers which is very helpful for those who are just beginning his/her journey and lacks enough cash for investing in their blog.

2. Create Irresistible Free values

Once you successfully signed up with your Email service provider it’s now time for you to begin building your email list( i.e. Get your readers to subscribe to your list)

But why are they gonna subscribe to you? Any idea?

Actually, we all are attracted towards receiving values that are free of cost. That same ideas over your blog can get your email list filled up very quickly.

So, now you need to create freebies.

It is the fastest and best way to gather your audience’s emails.

But make sure, you don’t get lazy while creating freebies, and keep these points in mind:

  1. Your freebies should be consisting of something that your readers want
  2. It should provide value to them
  3. It should offer the same benefit which they gonna get from a paid product or service

Eventually, if you are confused about what kind of valuable freebies you should create, check these cool ideas:

  1. eBooks
  2. printables
  3. lists
  4. checklists
  5. templates
  6. worksheets
  7. email courses (my favorite)
  8. stock photos

How to create a Freebie

  • Take your time and decide what you are going to create an offer
  • Next, create a structure about your plan, the design of your freebies, value to be included, etc
  • Start creating your freebies. For me, the best platform to create any type of digital freebies can none other than the Canva. For those who are not aware of Canva, let me inform you that Canva is the best online graphic designing tool that as a blogger you can use to get gorgeous engaging graphics within a few minutes. They have lots of pre-made templates of which most of them are free and some are paid. Canva is the perfect tool for creating printables, checklists,s, and worksheets. I would suggest you go with the Canva subscription which helps you create anything digitally and beautifully.

3. Promote your Freebie

Once you create valuable successful freebies it’s now time to start promoting it.

To do so, follow the steps,

  1. Login towards your MailerLite account
  2. Select the types of the form you wish to create
  3. You will have the choice between landing pages, embedded forms, promotions, and popups.

Popups forms

These types of forms appear to your readers when they visit your blog. The form may appear to him/her just after they land on your blog or after a few seconds or when they perform an action, depending on your chosen setting in the form creation.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are usually free from post addons and they bear the tag “its own”. They include things like courses, eBooks, etc.

Whereas, freebies are related to addons like checklists, worksheets, etc. They are best suited to be promoted via post.


Promotions are a type of pop-up form that can be used for anything to grab the attention of the readers.

Now, that I had informed you about the types of forms and their function and it’s now time for you to decide which form to choose. Ince you finalize, just tap on the “create” option and you will be redirected to a new page where you will be provided with the option to name your form and save and continue options.

Next, select  “create a new one” and follow the save and continue button.

When done, you will find a form builder in front of you which will let you customize your form the way you want and it looks like this:


Choose the color of your brand in your form and customize it according to your will with your desired fonts, its size, and images,

To send the freebies to your subscriber there are two ways:

  • Firstly, you can send them an email and confirm their subscription and add your freebies to the Grateful page.
  • Or you can directly add the freebies to the form so when they subscribe they get it downloaded right after.

How to add the freebies to download?

These steps can be implemented in both the ways listed above.

  1. Simply, make use of Dropbox and upload the freebies to it.
  2. Once it gets successfully uploaded there, tap on “share” followed by “create link” followed by copy link.
  3. Next, you need to change the last 0 (present in your above link) with 1. This will let your freebies get downloaded automatically without your reader visiting dropbox and performing any action.
  4. Now get back to MailerLite again and paste the link in your designed form or thank you email and include some text like “click here to download freebies” and make sure you add the link there.

Once all these steps are completed, scroll down and find the text ” embed form into your website” section. Copy the code displayed there by tapping on it and pasting it into your website.

You gonna get an advantage if you use the CMS  WordPress as MailerlIte have their free plugin, through which you can easily add the form without any complications.

How to promote your freebies?

Promote it on your Blog

What can be the best way of promoting the freebies other than through your blog to your readers? 

Find a relevant blog post that matches the content of your freebies and make use of an embedded form and place it in the post or create pop-up.


If you remember the advantage of Canva I mentioned above, it is gonna give you benefit now. Move to Canva and type “Pinterest Pin” and design a gorgeous engaging pin related to your freebies and pin it on Pinterest.

4. A welcome Email

Once you get some subscribers, this doesn’t mean it’s the end, and you are done. 

Rather try to introduce yourself and your blog through a welcome email and the value which they should expect from you.

And here the Automation of MailerLite comes into play.

I have set a Welcome Email through the MailerLite Automation, which I have created on Day2. This email is received by my blog’s every new subscriber on the 2nd day of subscription. You can do the same.

However, new bloggers wonders, since they got a handful of subscriber why should they do next. 

But as your mentor, I have already created a downloadable pdf that you can download for FREE which contains 8 Email ideas that you can send next to your subscribers.

Get it here,


The email list building training is over now and what are you waiting for further?

Go create your own exclusive email list and provide the value your readers are lacking.


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