Cloudways hosting review

Hosting is the primary requirement of most of the Bloggers and other online businesses. However, your investment in Hosting should be based on your requirement. Like if you are newbie Blogger , shared hosting like Bluehost is enough for your Blog or business.

But once, you are an experienced in this field and start getting large amount of traffic in your Blog or other ecommerce business you will feel the need to shift towards a cloud hosting from a shared one. In such case, Cloudways can be a great option.

I wanna be honest with you .So, please note that some links on this page are affiliate links. This means, I might get a commission when you make a purchase using my links at no extra cost to you.

Basically, Cloudways offer services to manage the technicalities of other unmanaged cloud hosting provider like Digital Ocean, Vultr, and AWS.

You don’t need to create any further account of them, just one account with cloudways is enough to access those services without worrying much about the technical and security aspects.

It is Cloudways who does all these for you.

But is it worthy hosting provider? or what should a good hosting provider have,

Lets find out,

  • Security: I hope you won’t like to get your new money making blog under any sort of cyber attacks. Right? So, security should be one of the major concern while purchasing a web hosting.
  • Reliability: Just imagine, you started your blog and you witness that you are loosing potential revenue as your blog is not running 24×7 due to server issues. Would you like to go with such web hosting? I guess no. Then, reliability should be your 2nd concern as well while you make your hosting purchase.
  • Customer support: Many of the bloggers including me are not from a computer science background to deal with all the technical problems alone. In such case, great customer support can be like  a boon for us. Therefore, a good customer support is a must have factor while purchasing a web hosting.
  • Features: Our blog is not just a website, it is an emotion for us as well. Therefore, compromising with any features to eliminate us from building a better site won’t be a suit for bloggers like us. I hope you got my point!
  • pricing: The last but not the least. Yeah, the pricing. How much the web hosting cost us. Starting a blog takes us few investment and hosting of one of that. Therefore, we hope our hosting to come at an affordable price.

Do all these factors fullfilled by Cloudways? Blindly yes.

Do you know, you can have a 3 day free trail of the Cloudways without credit card. Why don’t you try it for ? Get your my 3 days free trail from here.

Cloudways in details with its pros and cons

Started operating in the year 2011, Cloudways is considered still very young but without any doubt they are growing rapidly with enormous amount of steady growth in the hosting provider sector.

All the servers are managed by the Cloudways team themselves and provide you with simple solutions for launching web applications without involving in much more technicalities.

Pros of Cloudways
  • The fastest server is offered by cloudways. So, if you are concerned about loading your site faster even with high traffic, this is on the best solution in the internet
  • The cloudways CDN ads extra speed to your site at just $1 per 25 GB.
  • The support at Cloudways are really awesome. No matter what server issue you are facing just live chat with them and your issue will be solved.
  • FREE SSL is available
  • They also offer Breeze cache plugin free of cost. It can be a good option to lower your investment if you are not willing to buy other cache plugin like WP ROCKET.
  • Cloudways don’t offer Cpanel which in fact can be a good sign if you are not that technical like me.
  • Cloudways will even offer a FREE MIGRATION for the first time if have your site hosted somewhere else. Just provide them with the details they require and chill. Your site will be handled by one of their professional and be live in cloudways server within 24 hours.
Cons of Cloudways
  • Cloudways offers managed hosting services only. They don’t offer domain names and email address hosting. So, you need to get them from other sources.
  • The support is good but they often chat with technical terms which might be a issue with the non-techies.

Cloudways Prices

Cloudways offer different prices and resources on different unmanaged provider. Honestly speaking, I haven’t used all of them. My high traffic sites is hosted on the monthly 10$ plan of Digital Ocean right now.

And it is running amazing with 90+  page speed scores(with optimization).

If you wanna give it a try, go with the plan I am using (10$ Digital Ocean) with 1 GB RAM and 1 core processor. If you feel like you need more resources , you can upgrade it within a single click.

So, scaling won’t be a issue with Cloudways.

For other plans, like Vultr 13$/ month high frequency server is great for Ecommerce where the computing power require is high. One of my friend is running an Ecommerce store and his site is hosted in this Vultr High Frequency server and it runs very smoothly.

Apart from that, if you are a Blogger and ask my recommendation for choosing Cloudways hosting,

I would recommend you to go with the 10$/ month Digital Ocean plan. I haven’t tried the AWS, Linode and  cloud servers, so it’s better not to comment on them. I guess they are good as well like Digital Ocean and Vultr.

Final Statement

If you are wondering is cloudways good for you? Ask yourself what you are going to host in this server. Like if you are Blogger or Ecommerce site owner and speed is your priority, then go with Cloudways. They are the fastest managed cloud hosting provider in the market.

They require almost zero technical knowledge. However, there is a slight learning curve if you are shifting from a shared hosting to cloudways. But that won’t be a problem in case, you have 1 hour in your hand for this minimal learning.

However, if you feel Cloudways to be pricey and wanna go with other hosting of yearly plan, then Bluehost can be a good option. Choose wisely.

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