Best web hosting for Blogs in 2022

If you ask me what is the best web hosting for blogs when you are a beginner, I would simply suggest to go with Bluehost without any doubt.

But there are other hosting provider as well which are equally good as that of Bluehost. In fact you can conclude them as the  best alternatives for Bluehost. I create this list because,

I know, how confusing it is for a newie in deciding a web hosting for a blog for the first time. When I was a newbie I was struggling with the same as of you now.

Meanwhile, this this list of web hosting provider will help you to overcome the hosting choosing challenge. These list is based on my experience as I have used all of them and infact still using some, in my starter blogs.

I wanna be honest with you .So, please note that some links on this page are affiliate links. This means, I might get a commission when you make a purchase using my links at no extra cost to you.

Top 5 Best web hosting for Bloggers and blog in 2022

  1. BLUEHOST :Perfect for Beginners
  2. CLOUDWAYS: A bit expensive but great for blogs which needs the max speed.
  3. HOSTINGER:  Best hosting for bloggers who wish to discover the cheapest option.
  4. HOSTARMADA: Risk free Web hosting for the newbies
  5. HOSTGATOR: Great hosting for budget minded bloggers.

I gave the short outlook on the hosting which might help you to choose wisely based on your blog requirement and your budget as well.

Now, lets break these hosting review in details,

BLUEHOST : Perfect hosting for Beginners

What makes Bluehost special is that this web hosting provider is recommended by WordPress itself and it is one of the oldest hosting service provider with a budget friendly solution. Their dashboard are very neat and clean and are good for beginners.

You know what, Bluehost will install WordPress on your web server automatically for the first time. So, you don’t need to take extra headache for it.

Pros of Bluehost
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Easy to setup
  • Very good uptime
  • Good speed
  • Unlimited hosting resources
  • Best cPanel design + feature-packed
  • 1 Click wordpress installation
  • Easy upgrade for more resource consumption
Pros of Bluehost
  • Extra charges on Addon services
  • No monthly plan available

I have even written a detailed review on Bluehost hosting and things or features you need to check in a hosting before you finally puchase it. You can read it here.

Best deal for Bluehost
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CLOUDWAYS: Best Managed Cloud Hosting provider

If you are non-techy like me, you can still opt for a cloudhosting without handling much of the technicalities by using Cloudways. Cloudways will offer the maximum possible speed to your blog (with proper optimization). But if you are newbie then paying 10-12$ monthly is not a good option in the beginning. You can go with the other options.

Basically, cloudways is good for those bloggers, who already have lots of traffic in their blog. It hosting provider provider will work like butter with minimum to almost no downtime.

I am using this hosting in some of my high traffic blog.

The service offered by Cloudways is easily upgradable and you will only pay for the resources you are using.

You can even run Magento and Php applications on this server other than WordPress.

The Best part in this hosting provider is their 3 Days FREE TRIAL. Use them for 3 days free without even using your Credit Card, and if you don’t like their service, you can simply move on.

Pros of Cloudways
  • The fastest server is offered by cloudways. So, if you are concerned about loading your site faster even with high traffic, this is on the best solution in the internet
  • They comes with a monthly plan.
  • The cloudways CDN ads extra speed to your site at just $1 per 25 GB.
  • The support at Cloudways are really awesome. No matter what server issue you are facing just live chat with them and your issue will be solved.
  • FREE SSL is available
  • They also offer Breeze cache plugin free of cost. It can be a good option to lower your investment if you are not willing to buy other cache plugin like WP ROCKET.
  • Cloudways don’t offer Cpanel which in fact can be a good sign if you are not that technical like me.
  • Cloudways will even offer a FREE MIGRATION for the first time if have your site hosted somewhere else. Just provide them with the details they require and chill. Your site will be handled by one of their professional and be live in cloudways server within 24 hours
Cons of Cloudways
  • Cloudways offers managed hosting services only. They don’t offer domain names and email address hosting. So, you need to get them from other sources.
  • The support is good but they often chat with technical terms which might be a issue with the non-techies.
  • Their services are pricey (10$ per month) for a newbie who is just starting, if compared with a Bluehost(2.5$ per month)
Best deal with Trail
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HOSTINGER: The cheapest yet reliable web hosting solution for bloggers

Hostinger is also a good option for newbie Bloggers to look into. But they are not that common among the bloggers like Bluehost. However, they are gaining popularity day by day through their great hosting services.

I choosed this hosting for one of my blog when I was sort in cash, as this Hosting service is available at the most cheapest price as compared to other web host. This a value for money service.

Hostinger provide all type of hosting like shared hosting, WordPress hosting and cloud hosting. But to be honest with you I have only used the shared hosting service.

So, it is better for me not to , comment on the other services of Hostinger. But as of now, I can say the shared hosting service is good for a starter blog.

If you wish to give it a try you can have your blog hosted there, but in case you are not happy with their service they have their 30 days refund policy.

Pros of Hostinger
  • Instead of CPanel you will get Hpanel in Hostinger dashboard, and trust me good for a beginner as Hpanel is much more easy to manage and not that confusing like Cpanel( on view of a newbie)
  • Your one click can get your WordPress site ready.
  •  provide backup got all shared hosting but I personally feel to keep my own backup managed my myself though free Updraft plugin.
  • 24×7 Support is available in Hostinger.
  • 30 days money back guarantee available
Cons of Hostinger
  • You will get shared 1.39$/ month hosting for first 1 year, you need to renew it at their regular pricing plan
  • Support is good but not fast. I mean you may have to wait for maximum 30 mins.
Best Deal
Get Hostinger at maximum discounted price from here.

HOSTGATOR: Service for Budget minded Bloggers

Hostgator is a popular hosting service provider like Bluehost (I mean it is common among bloggers). Their hosting plan are both affordable and reliable for hosting your business, blogs and other small projects.

They also offer 1 click WordPress installation feature.

Pros of Hostgator
  • WordPress installation is simple.
  • Easy to upgrade infact your need more resources in future.
  • Hostgator provide automatic update of your WordPress
  • 24×7 Great live chat support and lots of tutorial video and article from their behalf
  • 45 days money back guarantee
Cons of Hostgator
  • Their monthly plan is pricey as compared to a yearly plan
Best deal
Get Hostgator from here.

HOSTARMADA: Risk free web hosting for newbie Bloggers

Do you know what? This blog is hosted in Hostarmada. Isn’t it enough to gain your trust towards this hosting service?

Just to let you know, apart from the performance offered by Hostarmada the 24×7 chat support offered by them is really really AWESOME.

Just create a ticket in the dashboard and they will help you out with almost every technical problems.

Additonally, in shared hosting plan (I am using the Web warp plan in this blog right now) I am eligible for 3 FREE SITE TRANSFER.

If you have your other blogs hosted somewhere else, just let them know the details and they will do it safely.

They also offer a 45 days refundable infact you are disappointed by their services.

Pros of Hostarmada
  • Great performance
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Easy to upgrade
  • AWESOME SUPPORT( their support team are polite as well)
  • FREE DOMAIN for 1 year plan
Cons of Hostarmada
  • Their cloud hosting plan is too expensive.
Best Deal
Get Hostarmada from here and unlock the best performance for your blog.

Final Verdict

All the hosting provider are tested by me personally on my other blogs. And they are performing really awesome that is why I included them in this list.

Choose your hosting according to your blog need, requirement and your budget. A bad host can be your worst nightmare causing you loose most of your revenue. So you need to choose very wisely.

Bluehost is the best deal a beginner should look into but if your concern is more focused towards performance then Cloudways should be your only choice.

Short on budget? Why don’t you check Hostinger.

Just choose any of the hosting provider mentioned in this blog, you won’t be disappointed.

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