My story

Hey Readers!

A warm welcome to my blog

I am Babai, a Blogger and an online Entrepreneur. I started my online journey in the year 2019. But like most of the pro well known bloggers my first blog failed as well.

I was demotivated! Human nature you know.

Eventually, I told myself it is not the end. I had to be successful and I started again from scratch and sadly my second blog failed again. At that time I confined myself to learn everything related to blogging first, then start my blogging journey again.

And you know what? It worked.

After my continuous failure of 2 blog, my 3rd Blog finally became a success. It was in the Automobile niche (where I have lots of expertise).

In this process of ups and downs, I learned alots of things related to blogging, affiliate marketting and passine income. This blog content is a practical information of my experience which I learned in my past 4year of my blogging journey.

I hope you will find value in my content to begin your journey of online income right from here.